Trains… great travel for creativity :)


I’m on a train headed to Fayetteville, North Carolina–my first stop on a two week trip up the East Coast. Halfway to my destination, I’ve already made an acquaintance, taken a nap, and checked out the cafe car where I picked up a fruit and yogurt parfait.

When I started planning my trip, my first two concerns were seeing as many friends as possible and keeping the price reasonable. I booked my ticket so early I was able to schedule three train stops and two additional stops traveling with friends. My main stops include Fayetteville, North Carolina; Boston; New Hampshire; Rhode Island; and New York City!

I’ll be blogging about my trip and posting photos, so stop in and check out my adventures!


So, here’s why train travel is great for creative types like me:
1. Free access to WiFi
2. Electric plugs at each seat
3. Freedom to walk around
4. Quite to sleep, write, or whatever
5. Fresh air stops
6. Interesting people
7. No need to focus on driving
8. Watching America the Beautiful roll by
9. No limits on using the phone or electronic devices
10. The comforting sound of the train and rumbling of the car


I’ve got my tunes playing in my hears and my creative energy is starting up. As soon as I make a couple of phone calls, I’ll be finishing up some work for Link247.


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