My first glimpse of NYC

I took my first glimpse of New York City today. Thirty-five minutes ago my train arrived at Penn Station and I stepped onto a dimly lit, underground train platform. (Not the subway, that will come next week!)

My friend Amanda met me at the station. We were going to do lunch since I had a two hour layover, but my train was an hour and a half late, so we only had a few minutes to chat. She hugged me,  passed me a pack of Oreo cookies and I was on my way to my next train, bound for Boston.

My first two train rides I was in coach seating, this time (the only portion of my trip) I’m in business class. What a difference. The seats are bigger and somewhat more comfortable, but there isn’t quite as much leg room as in coach, and I am not about to put on my warm fuzzy slippers with all these business peeps!

All of the trains have been pretty cold actually. I brought an extra pair of socks, slippers, a blanket, and neck pillow. All very much needed for the overnight trip from Fayetteville to New York.

New York! Back to the city I’m so excited to visit! Once on the train to Boston, I actually did get to see a few great views of the city from a distance. It was beautiful.


I took these pictures from the Dining Car on the 2160 Acela train from Penn Station to Boston. I beat the crowd and ordered lunch almost as soon as I got on the train. Penne Pasta salad ($4.75) and Oreos (thank you, Amanda).



I ate my lunch while we zoomed past the city.

Here’s a picture of the Assistant Conductor. He was so typical of what I would expect. Super nice.


Got to love the accents up here, that is for sure. Wow, I’m listening to the “chap” ordering right now. Lovely suit and he sounds like he’s from England… He’s probably from Boston.

We’re at our first stop on this four hour trip: Standford, CT (I think… It kind of sounds like they are saying Stamford). I’m actually quite drawn here – the townhomes we passed were just lovely, and all of the trees 🙂



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