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The business originally began as Our Written Lives (OWL) of Hope, LLC in Alexandria, Louisiana in 2013. On December 31, 2017, Our Written Lives (OWL) of Hope, LLC sold all assets and assigned all existing and pending contracts over to Our Written Lives, LLC in San Antonio, Texas. Rachael Kathleen Hartman is the founder, owner, and manager of the business, which she operates part-time in addition to her work as a Texas Licenced Real Estate Agent. Her purpose in maintaining and operating Our Written Lives, LLC is to spread the hope of Christ through written testimony, providing services to like-minded independent authors.

Our Written Lives – Christian Publishing

Accepted manuscripts may or may not directly present as religious, or faith-based, but will always line up to our conservative Judeo/Christian values. We accept manuscripts focused on history, education, family and life, leadership and more. The decision to accept a manuscript is based on the publisher’s discretion. We are a small publishing house and are limited in the number of books we can produce each year. For more details, please see the manuscript submission and consultation guidelines.

There’s more to being a successful author than being a great writer. Many great writers are never discovered because they have focused only on writing and not on developing as a leader and speaker. Our ideal client is a leader in their community, speaks publicly, has a business or ministry, and a community of supporters. Authors are the face of their book. Authors sell their books with their influence. Please keep all of this in mind as you pursue your publishing dreams. If you are willing to invest in your book, your time, energy, and finances, God will open doors that lead to people who need to read your book. Keep God and prayer at the center of your publishing journey. Allow Him to lead and you’ll be amazed by where He takes you.


“I have a lot of faith in Rachael and OWL of Hope. My book would not have been possible without it. This publisher gives all of her work her best shot!!! She is great at Marketing and Networking!!! I see nothing but great things in the future for this Publisher!!!” -Angelena Cortello, Author, Speaker and Recovery Mentor, 2014

“I can definitely vouch for the fact that Rachael Hartman is a top-notch editor. Her help on my latest novel, A War Within: The Praetorian was detailed and insightful. She definitely helped prepare my manuscript for submission and publication.” -Nathan Maki, Author,, 2014

“Rachael Hartman produces quality logos. She is both imaginative and hard-working. Her ideas and products are a great quality and I appreciate her diligent services. Fantastic!” -Jim Griffith, Motivational Speaker,, 2014

“Rachael is by far one of the most dedicated, hard working, talented writers I know. When she commits herself personally and professionally, she always follows through.” -Angela Kaiser, Editor-in-Chief AASU The Inkwell, 2009

“Rachael is a highly skilled young woman who excelled at our city magazine, Savannah Magazine, when she was our intern. I was most impressed with her ability to complete every task she was assigned. She was so willing, and able, to do anything that was asked of her. I believe in this young woman! I really believe she can do anything she sets out to do. I would trust her with my most precious project and/or material possession.” -T.J. Rutherford, LCSW Licensed Psychotherapist in private practice and Renal Social Worker at DaVita, 2008



  1. Hi, Rachael. Todd Conner recommended you. I would like to talk to you about the book I have been working on.

    1. Jim,

      Thanks for contacting me. I just found your comment. I will be emailing you shortly.


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